Elementary Education

Teaching, Counceling, and Special Education

Kindergarten Teaching

Teaching the basic beofre going to 1st grade. Teaches art, literature, music, personal hydgiene,and natural and social science to kids 4-6. Promotes physical, mental, and social development.


Helping satudents in personal, social, household, and educational problems. Guiding students the right way so they won't do something in the future to potentially ruin their lifes. Helping children see that no matter what the adults in education will always be there for them.

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Special Education

Teaching and helping children with disablities. Helping them learn that even if they have disablilities they are still the same as the other childern. Helping them learn things they will use in the real world and ways to make it easier for them. Helping the students understand that the disability doesn't run them, they run the disability.


"Education is the most powerful weapon, which you can use to chang the world." -Nelson Mandela