~Team Hootiful Owls~

Welcome New Designers of Origami Owl

Your First 30 Days


You're an Origami Owl Designer and an Official Member of Team Hootiful Owls!

You've Taken the Big Step!

And now, here is what will happen next.

It’s natural to feel nervous when starting your own business. We are here to help you every step of the way. 3-7 days from now, your Origami Owl Kit will arrive. Some kits may take a little longer in transit, please be patient.

You will receive various welcome letters from different members of your upline lineage. The emails hopefully will allow you to see what a great support system you have. Please don’t feel overwhelmed. Use these instructions as you need them and feel free to call your mentor with questions. It’s natural to feel nervous when starting your own business. But no worries, we are here to help you every step of the way.

Your Origami Owl Support System includes these leaders:

Kristine Stevens {Senior Director} Shining Jewels

Tina Graham {Senior Team Leader} Hootiful Owls

Sally Treder {Team Leader} Hootiful Owls

From this point down and in between , there are various branches of our family tree. Your mentor will be able to tell you your lineage. It's important to utilize your mentor FIRST if you have questions or need advice. You can then follow the chain up, as needed. Give your mentor the opportunity to grow with you by not skipping them.

If you haven't already, follow these steps to success.

Get to know your Team. Read Newsletters, Join your mentor's and directors FB Groups, attend local meetings. These are the people who want to see you succeed. There are NO stupid questions. We are all here for you.

Designate a workspace. It does not need to be grand or elaborate, just somewhere you can have everything you need to communicate and keep details of your business organized. Office MINIMUMS: A computer with internet, a printer, place to file, a locket building area and a calendar!

Set up your email and voicemail. Yep, the phone is going to ring! Yep, you will be sending out emails about your new business to prospective customers and Hostesses! Better be ready with an AWESOME EMAIL and Cheerful Voicemail Message! When you have a designated email address just for your Origami Owl business, it tells everyone you are OPEN FOR BUSINESS! When someone calls {even if they are NOT Origami Owl related} your NEW TITLE of "Independent Designer with Origami Owl" on your voicemail is going to spark some conversations about your new endeavor, isn't it?! Commit! Remember what we said about INTENTION! When you let everyone know it is your INTENTION to be the LOCKET LADY in town, that is who you will become! Be sure to follow the P&P Guidelines for setting up an email! No proprietary terms like sallylovesorigamiowl@gmail.com or sallysellsO2@gmail.com sallyslivinglockets@gmail.com

Open a bank account. Open a separate checking account for your new business. Look for a personal account with minimal fees and an ATM card. Deposit client checks as well as sales and use it to order supplies and pay for business expenses. This makes for MUCH EASIER tracking and accounting at the end of the year when you're trying to do taxes! This is the account where you can deposit customer checks, commissions from corporate, and link your Paypal, SquareUp, PayAnywhere or other mobile cash register account.

Sign up for mobile credit card processing.

We take cash, credit and checks {well, maybe checks...a debit card might be better--just sayin'}! Start doing research on using a mobile credit processing service. There are many out there. PayAnywhere, Paypal, SquareUp, Intuit...the list goes on and on. The GREAT THING IS, you can run someone's card AT THE EVENT, have it go right into your business account (most take 24 hours to deposit), then turn around and order the product in your back office using YOUR DEBIT CARD linked to that same account. You're never out of pocket on your purchases! All the readers I am aware of are available for FREE when you register your account {they send you the reader}. Remember that you will pay a service fee of about 2.5% - 3% depending on the company, so research well and decide if this is something that is important to your business or not. It's a CONVENIENCE, not a NECESSITY. The other very cool feature of having one of these processors is that it's AN APP on your smartphone or your ipad {both business write offs}, you can categorize your inventory for faster processing, AND in addition to their O2 receipt you are able to EMAIL a credit card receipt as well!

Order Business Cards. Origami Owl Logo Business cards MUST be purchased through our approved vendor - https://flyersdirect.com/origamiowl/?p=select-template&id=1 But you may order cute Owl Business Cards elsewhere, such as Vista Print.

Over the course of the next week, play around in the back office. This will keep you connected. Write down any questions that you may have. Contact your mentor or your closest executive team leader or director, if they are new as well, to help with any questions. Our backoffice will be changing soon, but that shouldn't stop you from learning what we have now.

Personal Origami Owl Website: Your site address is on your final join confirmation when you joined. (www._______________________.origamiowl.com) When you first go to your site, you will see the way it looks to your customers.

To get to the back office, just click on the designer login in the top right hand corner with your information. You will have this website for FREE for your first month (After which, you will be charged $10.00 per month)

Your website has all the lockets, dangles, etc and anything your customers will need to view to place orders.

Place your first SUPPLY ORDER! You also can place supply orders in your backoffice directly here: https://tools.securefreedom.com/OrigamiOwl/Account/LogOn?ReturnUrl=%2fOrigamiOwl%2forganization or from your customer ordering site. From there just click on the new order tab, log in and look for business and display items in the right hand column.

You will also be added or invited to various Facebook Groups. Again, do not get overwhelmed and try to focus on the necessary lessons FIRST! Marketing items, photos and large display ideas can wait. Your own Facebook Team Site should always be your first stop for questions as it is run by your up line. You won't find the Drama that other sites have because questions are answered by your leaders.

Action Steps - Once your Kit Arrives

With your Kit Comes Training. Immediate Action Steps

Understand your job description. It consists of only 3 little things. Love the products,Share the products and find other people to share the products too. You are your own boss! This is your new business and Origami Owl is your supplier. We your up line are here to help you get started.

Not only do we love hearing about your why but so do others! So share your why with us, your mentor and your customers! Email us and tell us why you decided to join Origami Owl.This helps us understand what we can do to help you achieve your goals.

Make your list of 100 immediately. List all the people you know and don't be judgmental of who may or may not love Origami Owl. You never know. 10 friends, 10 relatives, 10 neighbors, 10 acquaintances and 10 people surrounding children is 50 already.Put stars next to people who may need a girls night, who love to entertain or might need some extra cash.

Pick a date for your launch party IMMEDIATELY!!! I usually tell people to pick two days. Like a Tuesday/Thursday or a Saturday/Sunday. This way you can invite everyone and if there is a day they can't come, there is a back up party for people who can't make the first one. The launch parties should focus on bookings and sharing Origami Owl with people who might want to start their own business. Don't worry so much about selling products.

GET YOUR CALENDAR FULL! Try to book your 2 launch parties, 2 parties from your launch parties and 2 outside bookings. This will give you 6 in the next 4-6 weeks and will get your business booming. Origami Owl Jewelry Bars are sooooo easy. Be sure to watch the training in your workstation to see JUST HOW EASY they can be. ": )

First 30 Days {Setting Goals}

Here are some examples of Goals to Achieve during your first weeks!

Have a Launch Party and Enter Your First Orders

Sell 500 PV in the first 15 days

Book 2-3 jewelry bars in 60 days

Recruit your First Team member in the first 90 days. Learn together. This can be your Origami Owl buddy. You will forever have memories you will cherish.

Sample Script to call people you know:

Hi _____________________, this is ______________, Would you consider helping me get my new business of the ground. I a Jewelry Bars. If you book a Jewelry bar and help me this one time, I promise I will never bug you again to book a party. If you want to book one ever again, it will be because you asked me. You and your friends will just love Origami Owl. I promise.

Business Basics - The Must Haves for YOUR Business

Some extra to make your business shine more:

Email Origami Owl at newsletter@origamiowl.com and register so that you can have access to your newsletter that will go out to all your customers. Once you have registered. Be sure to enter all your contacts in that area, so they receive your newsletter. Build your back office customer base by directing your family/friends/coworkers/customers to create a Free account on your new replicated website.

If you would like your emails to look super professional for your business, be sure to sign up for Esig at: http://www.myesig.com/?pc=1090

Get your table set-up: The basics:

ONE white owl

A table cloth in white, aqua or black

Signage (backoffice)

Email sign up Sheet

A Mirror

Busts for Locket Examples

Read and Print any information that you think you may need and keep in a binder. For example: Policies and Procedures, Points of Difference, Hostess Exclusive, etc.

Jewelry Bar Basics can be purchased at local craft stores. You need not spend a lot of money to have a great looking table.

We are so glad you have decided to take the leap of faith and join not only Origami Owl but also Team Hootiful Owls and your own personal mentor!

We look forward to working with you and helping all your dreams come true!

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