YL Columbus

AET March 15, 2016

"The Bible vindicates itself because it is such excellent medicine. It has never failed to cure a single patient if only he took his prescripion honestly. Take the prescription of the Word of God daily. No Christian is sound who is not scriptual." Stanley Jones

Young Life News

  • Remember we have started a wait list for Crooked Creek. However, we will know more after April 1st about more spots being available.

WyldLife News

  • We only have a few more clubs left. Southwind is halfway full. Richards and St. Luke we need to be asking our friends about going to camp.
  • March 30 BMS Club
  • April 1 All-City Club
  • April 6 BMS Campaigners
  • April 15 Richards and St. Luke have club
  • April 27 BMS Club

Board Meeting

  • We have a Board Meeting Thursday at the Young Life office 12:00 p.m. Please email Michele your lunch order.

Pancake Breakfast

  • The annual pancake breakfast is Saturday May, 14th at St. Paul United Methodist Church. Tickets will be ready to be sold the first of April.