How it Started!

Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger were the people who started the company of instagram. kevin was born in 1983 and Mike was born in 1986, so they are three years apart! Kevin was in college when he had lots of programming opportunities. He thought Odeo was a good program to teach him how start up companies worked. Kevin was very interested in programming. The game Doom 2 was what got him interested in programming. When Kevin was twelve years old when he decided to boot his friends off line when they were using AOL. When he was older he got to meet a lot of internet/technology people that were famous. Like the president and co-founder of facebook. Kevin started up a website like Craigslist but for people especially at Stanford University. On October 6, 2010 at 2:15 a.m instagram was a success (the night they set instagram on the app store) Kevin and Mike had 10,000 users in only a few hours. People from all over the world downloaded the app of instagram.

Why have the app and my opinion!?

It was a new way to communicate with people around the world and not only do that but it is a way to share about your life on the go they also wanted the app to be a place to learn about the world. And in my opinion it is a great app because you can look at other peoples photos and talk with them on where they are or possibly what they are doing.

Instagram updates

Even though face book bought instagram tat did not stop Kevin from moving forward with instagram. In 2013 intstagram decided to have the feature of uploading videos. As we all pretty much know that the videos could only be as long as 15 seconds.

Awards instagram has won

Insatgram had a lot of awards due to a lot of attention! Instagram was a hit! They won runner up for best mobile app of the year. Francisco Weekly acknowledged instagram by giving them the award of the best locallymade app in the 2011 web awards. Kevin and Mike were also featured in the 7x7 Magazine in the "Hot 20 2011 issue." The app instagram was also named Apples "App of the year" in 2011. These are just some of the awards intsagram has won.
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Instagram Commercial