Content Zones

Content zones and how to add them to your presentation.

Three Main Content Zone Categories

Rise Vision has three main content zone categories (Content, Text and Image) that you are most likely to use.

How do I add content?

Click on the square box with what looks like size adjustment points, similar to what you see in word after adding an image. A new window should open titled Placeholder.
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To add content inside this placeholder, click add next to the text (Playlist is empty.). In this drop down menu, you will see the three main content categories I mentioned.
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Let's start with the most expansive category, Content. Content consists of different objects that you can add to your presentation such as RSS feeds, a clock or date, traffic maps, and calendars to name a few. Think of these objects as widgets. Note, please be careful in this section. Not everything is free.
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For basic text input, use the text category. It will open a window to add text with common text editing tools.
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To add a picture or pictures to the presentation, choose the image category. You will be given the option to input the URL for the image you want to add. If you have specific images to add, you must work with the campus webmaster. The webmaster has access to netStart where the images can be uploaded. Once they are uploaded, a link will be available that you can input in the URL box. You will have a URL for each individual image.

I recommend checking the Scale to Fit box so that you can easily adjust the image to fit your presentation.

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Learn More

Check out the smores titled "Moving Parts" and "Slideshows" to learn how to create image slideshows and transitioning text.

Happy Editing!