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Participate in Generating a Sustainable Alternative Future

T/CAM, aka Traditional/Complementary/Alternative Medicine is Big Business and Growing

The medical industry is seeking to control this growing $15 billion industry by quickening on integrative medicine which allows medically trained to practice with minimal practice and training. Guaranteed that your degree and twenty hours of training in hypnotic techniques is not equivalent to 700+ hours of training in hypnotherapy which is what our Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists have. The medical institutions want to absorb T/CAM into their practices and onto their balance sheets through restrictions which will ruin the flow of energy that makes it powerful. Restricted by rules that do not apply and were created for their own widely errant profession, this will not fair well for the public when a flawed system over compensates by exercising stifling control over something it cannot understand or accept except by their own limiting terms. We support local T/CAM practitioners by, prompting then to express their need for competitive and collective action that manages the convergence of Western and World Medicine.

SCISTM aligns with the following national and international organizations and declarations by embracing and promoting the importance of T/CAM and providing qualified referrals of expressed needs to the most qualified T/CAM professionals. These certifying organizations include:

  • The National Institute for Health,
  • The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine
  • The World Health Organization
  • The BeiJing Declaration

We hold that T/CAM practitioners must remain independent and free to practice without undue and restrictive rules. T/CAM practices are the root of all healing systems. T/CAM represents the non-religiousa aspects of spiritual healing as practitioners intentionally channel the power of coordinated universal energies through their personal interactive life force, positive intention, and informed intuition to their work rather than often dispassionately and coursely delivered treatments with life-threatening side effects.

SCISTM Community of Support

SCISTM personal and professional development organically embraces who you are, where you are, and what is important to you with stories, referrals, and freshness that informs, inspires, and incites action, accountability, and alignment.

Our proprietary system allows us to produce weekly programs addressing a wide variety of issues and keep it very personal and specific at the same time. Regularly scheduled online webinars review and discuss problem areas using our unique visual mapping system to provide a deeper understanding challenges for planning next steps.

The Accountable Self Lifestyle is a movement for people engaged in creating the life they truly desire to live. It is working together for our individual development while simultaneously creating a problem resolution database for all who follow.

CIA Titles

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SCISTM is helping:

  • Maintain the independence of T/CAM practitioners
  • Increase independent marketing budget effectiveness
  • Reduce the stress of promotional marketing
  • Create joint venture opportunities with other practitioners
  • Provide practitioners with client by client feedback
  • Provide practitioners with enterprise back office services
  • Provide professionally crafted and certified programs for private practices
  • Market services to local organizations, institutions, and associations
  • Provide matching of client needs to practitioner profile
  • Inspire active professional development among T/CAM practitioners
  • Provide access to in-demand training and internship opportunities
  • Create a new economy of charity focused on wellness and success

SCISTM is here to suppport the growth and development of a practitioner based wellness and success assurance industry as a complement of, adjunct to, and partner with but separate from the government-health care-insurance industry.