5 themes of Austin

Kip gordon


Austin is relatively close to San Antonio.

The reason I chose the picture below is because most people not counting me in the Austin area love the Longhorns.

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Austin is on the Colorado River which is really dry in our parts of Austin. Austin is going through a serious drought due to humidity.It will rarley snow in Austin and when it does it's a mericle!

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the picture below is ACL and that is one of the biggest concert in the world and has people from all around the world coming just to see this three day concert.
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Human Environmental Interaction

Something that we don't do to help the enviroment is not recycling and we pollute. Something that is going around to help our health are people also known as garbage men and women cleaning up our trash, which is sometimes wrong, like when your at a game such as a Lake Travis game people just eat eat eat and just throw there trash on the ground for people to clean it up. I mean sometimes you can be drinking something and put it down for a little while and forget about it.

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in Austin we have allot of Mexicans this is most likely because we live right next to San Antonio. It is not a bad thing I'm just saying they have allot of houses and cultural things in austin.

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