Why Saving Energy is Important


Saving Energy At Home

Its Important to save energy at home because we need things to cook and drink water and to even keep our body clean and not stink and sometimes maybe a little entertainment like T.V or Video Games. We need to save it by turning off the light or T.V and also turning off the fosset when brushing your teeth

Saving Energy In our Community

For this we need to save energy Because to get around like for cars we need fuel for that and for entertainment fun like movies and power to keep lights on also we need energy for Electricity without it we cant work cook see and even use machines. We an do this by maybe using solar panels turning off something is on like the stove

Saving energy at school

And last one we need to save Energy at school because we need our tablets to do projects like for math or maybe watch a educational video and even to use our tablet. We also need it because for the people in the cafeteria to eat and give us lunch or breakfast. We need to do this by Turning off our tablets when not used and turning off the lights when we are gone or the teacher is gone


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