Madi and the elephant


Once there was a little girl named Madi. She had a friend that was an elephant. Madi was playing with the elephant and madi been telling weird things to the elephant. While they were playing guess who. The elephant hired one thing that Madi said to him. It was a really mean thing. The elephant new that madi did really mean it.

Madi said to the elephant was you have big ears, but the elephant said do I really have big ears. Madi said yes you do have big ears. The elephant’s mom came to get elephant. She hired Madi saying you have big ears. Mom did not like what madi said to the elephant, so mom took her son away from madi. The mom said that my son will not come back here again, and by the way you have big ears. That’s what you get for calling my son that he has big ears. I reason is to not be mean to your friend because if you be mean to your friend they will not want to be your friend again ever again because you were being mean to them, so that’s why you do not be mean to your friend.

It is important to not be mean to your friend because they will tell your mom and dad if you are mean to your friends and their parents will tell the other persons mom and dad. The friends parents will tell the other persons parents and say tha6 he will not he your friend again because that’s what they do if you be mean to people like Madi did to the elephant and Madi was not being a nice friend because she said a mean thing to the elephant.

Theme do not lie to people.

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