Coretta Scott King

By: Julie Krenek


“I like it, Daddy!” I was moving into my own, new house. It was beautiful. Then, a couple of years later, a few black-haters marched on to our lawn with torches. By the end of the night, our house was nothing but black ashes and dying flames. This was the start to my busy life...

Early Life

Correta was born on April 27th, 1927. Her family was very poor, and it was hard for her and her family 2 years later during the Great Depression. She only had her dad, brother, and sister. NO MOM!!!!!! Even though they their house burned down, they lived through it. Coretta lived on and was a great accompanist and singer. All that paid off when she got a scholarship to Antonich Collage in Ohio.

Adult Life

While Coretta was in collage, she met Martin Luther king Jr. Right away they knew they were destined for each other. In 1953, Coretta Scott became Coretta Scott King. They moved to Alabama where Martin got a job. When Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat to a white, Martin and Coretta arranged the bus boycott. It lasted just over a year. Coretta had 4 kids. When Martin Luther King Jr. was giving one of his many speeches, he was arrested. It was a VERY emotional time for Coretta. When he got out of jail, he gave his one last speech. After his speech, he was assassinated. Coretta continued his dream and, after 15 years, made Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday a holiday. Years after that, she had a stroke, heart problems, and ovarion Cancer. She died in 2006.

Life-Long Legacy

Coretta Scott King- remembered for her bravery and courage for civil rights. She made many memorable speeches to continue her long-lost husband's dream. We remember her, Martin Luther King Jr., and her kids.


This wraps up Coretta Scott KIng's life. She lived a long, important life. We shall remember her for her bravery for civil rights and wonderful speeches she made.


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