Author's Purpose

The author writes to...

Agenda October 17, 2016

Objective: 4.10

I will identify the author's implied purpose for writing a text.

I will use the analyze/evaluate strategy to determine author's purpose.

Academic Vocabulary

Author's Purpose - an author's reasons for writing a text.

Implied - something not directly stated.

*What is the difference between stated and implied?

Anchor Charts

Why did the author write it?

Author's Purpose Flipchart

Higher Order Thinking Questions

What was the author's purpose in this article?

The author wrote this to-

How can the reader tell what the author's purpose was _________?

Group Activity

Let's make a PIE using author's purpose.

STAAR STEM QUESTIONS: Are any questions double coded? Which ones? How do you know? What happens if a question is double coded?

*The author wrote this selection mainly to-

*Why does the author include the information in paragraph-

*The purpose of the selection is to-

*The author wrote this selection most likely to-

*The purpose of this selection is mainly to-

*Read the following sentence from paragraph________. The author includes this sentence most likely to-

Answer choices - In other words...

Let's try using these instead of PIE

Persuade - encourage, convince, influence, motivate.

Inform - explain (giving facts) teach, facts.

Entertain - tell, share.

Explain- steps on how to do something

Describe - how something looks, feels, smells. (Adjectives)

Author's Purpose Thinking Map (Tree Map)

Refer to your reader's notebook. (Interactive Journal)
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