Sonoran Desert Biome

Climate & Location

Climate: of the Sonoran Desert is a average of 52 in the winter and upward of 97 in the summer.

Location: is Southwest U.S. and Northwest Mexico

Plants & Adaptations

Agave Palmeri: Pointy leaves, stores energy, flowers once

Brahea Armata: Is drought resistant, can handle very high and low temperatures

Suguaro:Covered in protected spines stores water in ribs

Ocotillo: looses leaves to prevent moisture loss in droughts

Animals & Adaptations

Bark Scorpion: noctournal hunters, hibernate during winter

Desert Tortise: burrow underground thicker shell

Collared Lizard: Stride is equal to three times it's body size

Human Impact

Human impact is minimum because the area is mostly barren and temperature is so erratic. Although some deterioration has occured on the more popular parts of the desert.