S & S 411--9/16

Secondary Learning update from Shane and Sheila

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Great collaborations this week!

We enjoyed the MS and HS meetings this week. The dialogue, collaboration and communication are appreciated and we feel that the secondary learning team is off to a great start. Thank you for your willingness to dialogue about things affecting your schools as well as work as a team to brainstorm what our learning will look like this year. You are great leaders and we are thankful to work with you!

Celebrations and Highlights

  • We saw students engaged in collaboration and were all smiles as they utilized their devices!
  • Principals engaged in conversation centered around learning at our monthly meetings. Thankful for the invention of the sticky note and the affinity diagram!
  • Debbie Grega had a group of students visit an MSU choral rehearsal this week as a part of their PBL.
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Nuts, Bolts and FYIs

  • Looking forward to Cadre meetings this week: AP MS Cadre – Sept. 21, 8:00-10:00, HS Cadre #3 - Sept. 21 1:00-3:15, HS & MS CSI Cadre – Sept. 22, 8:00-10:00, HS Cadre #1 - Sept. 22, 1:00-3:15, HS Cadre #2 – Sept. 23, 1:00-3:15.

  • Thank you for the continued diligent work recovering 2015-2016 drop outs. Let’s recover as many students as we can--Sept. 30th last recovery day.

  • Reminder to building administrators – Should you have a parent or student come forward and divulge a student gender transition, notify Dr. Wynn ASAP for guidance on next steps found here: https://springfieldpublicschools.instructure.com/courses/113359/pages/2016-2017-resources

  • As a part of ImagineSPS Secondary, principals will be visiting various schools across the country this fall and winter to explore/gather ideas about different school perspectives. The key components are student choice, unique scheduling and environment. Looking forward to the learning together!

  • Principal growth plans are due in Tower today. Thank you!