Cheap land of SFA's

asking price 12.5 cents

come to tejas

Austin colony is on rich land it is located between the Colorado river and Brazos river in Texas. You will love this land if your goal is to farm, raise livestock, or grow crops.We also sell our land at a very reasonable price especially for the quality 12.5 cents. its worth every penny.also Austin rebates the fees making the land pretty much free. With the opportunity why wouldn't you move here.
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land for sale for 12.5 cents

come to tejas

come and find a new life we have so much reasons first we have low taxes the we have plenty of land as much as 640 acres to the head if the family 320 acres for the wife 160 acres per child and 80 for each slave. And the land is cheap and rich.

this is a great place but there are rules


No drunks

No gamblers

No swearing

No frontiersman that hunt.

Followin these rules will make you a welcomed settler and will earn respect.