All about dolphins

What is a dolphin?

A dolphin is a mammal. Dolphins are animals that live in water. They are warm blooded animals. They can live in deep or shallow water. They have an air hole.

What do dolphins eat?

Some dolphins eat fish like herring, cod and mackerel. They eat squid. If they are very large dolphins, they eat things like seals or sea lions. Sometimes even turtles! If they eat squid they have to eat more of it than they would eat herring, cod or mackerel because it has less fat and it gives them energy.

How do you tell a female dolphin from a male dolphin?

Sometimes you can tell a female dolphin from a male dolphin by the size. The size of a male dolphin is usually bigger than a female. Another way to tell them apart is that the male has 1 slit visible underneath about two thirds of the way along the tale. A female dolphin has a small slit on each side of the tale.

Where do dolphins live?

Bottlenose dolphins live in every ocean but Arctic and Antarctic oceans. Spotted dolphins live all over the tropical areas of the ocean to avoid the Arctic and Antarctic. The pink dolphins live in the amazon river. Dolphins always live in oceans or rivers.

Fun facts

  1. A dolphins skin helps them slide through the water with not much effort.
  2. All together there are 25 kinds of salt water, 5 kinds of fresh water and 6 kinds of river dolphins.
  3. A dolphins pod can have up to thousands of dolphins swimming.
  4. Another thing is when dolphins go under water they shut there air hole to keep water from getting in there lungs.
  5. The spotted dolphins get their spots when they are adults.

by: Savannah y