theodore roosevelt

vote for him.

interesting facks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 He is the 26 president. 2. he was a N.Y.C police commissioner. 3. Roosevelt went skinny dipping in the potomac river. 4. He won the nobel peace prize in 1906. 5. He was the first sitting president to leave the cuntry. 6. Aboxing acident left him virtually blind in one eye. 7. He was a prolific author. 8. He was a member of the hasty pudding club. 9. Roosevelt scaled the matter horn. 10. He volunteered to lead an infantry unit in warld war 1 in 1918.

what he did as president

he made the panama canal posible. On january 11 in the year of 1908 he made the massive Grand Canyon a national monument the grand canyon has had some work on it over the years. He believed in expanding power but to do this the U.S would need a stroger navy.
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