The Lincoln Memorial

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Discription of the memorial:

The Lincoln Memorial is a memorial dedicated to President Abraham Lincoln.

He was the 16th president of the united states. The memorial consists of a statue of Abraham Lincoln. It was made out of marble and limestone and costed 3 million dollars to make.The outside of the Lincoln Memorial is made out of Yule marble and it is 57.8m long, 36.1m wide and 30 m tall.

The History of this great memorial:

The workers started building the memorial in 1914. The architect Henry Bacon designed this old but beautiful memorial. Workers had to repair the memorial due to environmental issues. After Lincoln's death the project was not started due to lack of funding. Two brothers had to carve the statue of Lincoln for 4 years. Henry Bacon had to change the design of the monument due to the structure.

Events or trends:


The memorial is based on Greek structure, made out of limestone and marble the pillars are represented as the 36 states in the union after Lincoln's death.

Lincoln statue is 19 feet tall and the height of the full memorial is 99 feet tall.

Martin Luther King said his I have a dream speech of the steps of the Lincoln Memorial

Importance to community:

It is a place where you can remember the people who saved the union. It lets us remember the good that Lincoln did for us in the past and how he ended slavery. This monument is also important to us because Lincoln cared about our people and without the memorial we would not be able to remember the good deeds he did for us.

Associations with individuals who made a long lastint contribution


He was the 16th president of the united states and did many things to help our country grow and develop like ending slavery.

He led america to victory in the civil war.

He was also a confident caring leader who showed he really cared about the people and the general well fair of our country

Importance to community:

It is important to our community because it honors president Lincoln and it would have changed our society if it wasn't there. Without it we would forget about the great person and president he was and how he helped our country grow .

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