Save the Species!

The Siberian Tiger

Save The Siberian Tiger!!

Don't you agree that Amur Tigers deserve to be free, and protected? These beautiful animals need a voice; would you like to help? If so you can visit this page: WWF is an organization that helps protect, and renew the Amur Tigers population, and their rights.

They consistently fight to abolish poaching.

Bibliography for The Tiger Image:

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The Siberian (Amur) Tiger

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The Siberian (Amur) tiger has as little as 450 individuals left in the wild. The efforts of many organizations and groups that fight to abolish poaching have devised a plan to get The Siberian Tigers' numbers to what they once were. (Russia was a main contributor to this battle; They set aside land to protect the Tigers habitat from logging) Their fight began when there were only 50 Siberian Tigers left in the wild. The numbers steadily reached 450, and they are gradually increasing. Poaching is the Main reason that the Siberian Tigers' numbers have declined. First of all: It is ILLEGAl, Secondly: Why kill these majestic creatures? God created them; We can't kill them. Thank you. If this captured your attention then you can visit My Research Page to learn more. My Research Page:

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