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Experienced, versatile and ready to ramp up your marketing efforts

Garden State Consulting, a digital marketing consultant located in Point Pleasant, NJ, takes a modern approach to marketing. Focused entirely on results and actionable strategies, we bring over 18 years of corporate marketing experience with a heavy concentration on lead generation and optimization conversion. Best of all, we embrace today's trends and technologies, which will not only propel your campaign, but portray your company in a modern and relatable light.

Whether you need a consultant to command and get the best bang for your buck from your pay-per-click (PPC) campaign or to devise a new or better organic search strategy using guaranteed white-hat ethical tactics, trust Garden State Consulting to educate and guide you in the ever-changing realms of paid and organic search.

We know SEO, SEM and social. These three "cogs" are a part of your corporate marketing machine, and all must work in tandem for a successful ongoing campaign. Garden State Consulting is ready to learn about your corporate culture and customer base, so that these three channels are always sending the right message to the right crowd.

Taking the Confusion Out of Search Engine Optimization

Don't get scammed in SEO: the rapidly changing requirements in this field can make or break your standing in search results. Seach Engine Optimization, unfortunately, is a highly corrupted industry with service providers that continue to break the rules for their clients, jeopardizing their current and potential search rankings.

The days of "keyword spamming" and over-repetition are long gone -- as are the days of artificial traffic, paid links (not to be confused with pay-per-click) and other archaic tactics that were practiced for the sake of cheating search engine algorithms.

These are the days of great content. We'll help you create 100% unique, hand-curated copy that actually helps and informs your visitors. It will make search engines happy, too.

A New Jersey Native

We're from New Jersey, and we know how tough it is to compete in the nation's most over-saturated, hyper-competitive state. A main truth is that opportunity can be found in any scenario, and it's up to your marketing consultant to mine that diamond in the rough for you.

Garden State Consulting employs a constant business mindset of helping you find your path to success, either by grabbing that low-hanging fruit, or finding an untapped advantage that your competitors still haven't noticed. Let's team up and help make your brand be the household name in the Garden State...and beyond.

About & Contact

Since 2009, Garden State Consulting has helped numerous corporations revitalize their online aspirations - contact us if you are a staffing representative looking for a digital marketing consultant for a mid to enterprise-level company.

Garden State Consulting works solely from its Point Pleasant, NJ office and comes fully equipped and prepared for the job.