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Canvas: Stay aware of your student's grades

At the middle school orientation night, every student receives their chromebook. Parents also set up a canvas account at that time. This allows parents to easily access student grades and assignments.

Middle School Sports & Activities: Get involved

School Sponsored Sports

Volleyball…......…....7-8th August—October

Cross Country…..…6-8th August—October

Boys Basketball…..7-8th October—December

Girls Basketball…..7-8th January—February

Wrestling ………......6-8th November—January

Track………….....…...6-8th March—May

Boys Baseball........6-8th March---May

Girls Softball…....…6-8th March—May

Middle School House Council: Mrs. Wilke Advisor

The Middle School House Council is made up of 6th, 7th and 8th grade students. The council plans events to maintain a positive learning environment..

Ecology & Astronomy Club: Mr. Benton Advisor

Ecology & Astronomy Club membership is open to all students in grades 5 – 12 who are interested in our planet and universe. In addition, the club helps with the Spencer school forest.

FFA: Mr. Zimmerman Advisor

The Spencer Middle School FFA encourages the development of young leaders by their involvement in leadership and community activities. An Officer Team of ten members elected from the middle school membership leads the Spencer Middle School FFA. The FFA officers select activities in student, chapter and community development to improve our students, school and community. Students in 6-8th grade are welcome to participate in FFA activities.

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Middle School House Time

Students in grades 6, 7 and 8 meet once a week with their house leader in small groups of 9-14 students. Research says students who are connected to at least one caring adult on a regular basis, are more likely to be resilient, successful adults. House time is used to address academic as well as social-emotional needs of developing adolescents. Our overall goals with House time are:

1) to help students develop a sense of belonging and engagement in school,

2) to provide students with a supportive advisor who is there to challenge them to do their best and to make respectful, responsible choices.

3) to encourage students to reach their academic potential.

  • Regular Organization Checks
  • Academic Career Planning: Goal setting, developing work ethic
  • Reinforce "Rocket Way" behaviors that will bring student success.
  • Teambuilding Activities: Communication, Problem Solving & Collaboration Skills
  • Fun competitions between Houses
  • Community Service Projects

Rocket Pride Time

Once a week students meet in house time for a half hour. The other four days are for Rocket Pride time. Students get an extra 30 minutes of each class every eight days. This allows students to have extra study time to make corrections, retake tests and recieve extra help in areas they are building skills. We use MAP data to help identify areas students need extra practice on.

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Excellence for Every Student Every Day, The Rocket Way

At Spencer Middle School, we all strive to interact in The Rocket Way. Each and every day our students are showing us that they are …

Respectful, Responsible, and Safe

Our Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports (PBIS) team works on making expectations clear and consistent, acknowledging students for living the "Rocket Way", and celebrating positive behavior. Clear, consistent Rocket Way expectations are explicitly taught, posted throughout school and reinforced during House time. The goal is to make it easy for students to know exactly what's expected.

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The Rocket Reserve Shop: Being Respectful and Responsible has benefits

The Rocket Reserve Shop is a mobile cart that is brought out once a week for students to shop at using currency they earn by being respectful and responsible. Students are able to earn ink stamps from teachers based on their behaviors. Teachers decide when and why to award the stamps and they place the stamp on the student's calendar page in their planner. Reasons to reward stamps range from keeping lockers clean to handing in homework on time, using their planner well and lots more. Once a month, stamps are counted up and "paid out" to students on a voucher. Students can take their vouchers to the Rocket Reserve Shop and use them like cash to buy everything from pencils to i-tunes gift cards. Students choose to save up for larger items or to spend points on smaller items.
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Movin' on Up transitioning class in August

Around the third week in August we do a half day class for incoming 6th grade students. This really helps students feel more relaxed on their first day of middle school. I'll send an e-mail in May when we pick the actual date so you get save the date on your summer calendar.

· Students meet Mrs. Roehl, sixth grade teachers and Mr. Gorst.

· Students get their schedule and practice finding classes

· Students learn how to get into their locker at a nice relaxed pace with our support.

· Students can feel free to bring in school supplies and start getting their locker set up.

(As you shop for school supplies, remember students can choose from using an

accordian file or plastic folders. Trapper keepers with the rings are discouraged.)

· Student have the opportunity to ask any questions they've thought of over the summer.

· Students get excited about starting middle school!

· This is a class just for the students. Parents are welcome to contact us with any questions.

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Skills For Learning with Mrs. Roehl

One day a week 6th grade students have Skills for Learning (SFL) with Mrs. Roehl, 4K-7 School Counselor. We start out getting lockers organized and work on study skills. Planner use, organization, time management, note-taking, test taking, smart study strategies, and goal setting are skills we focus on. We also work on collaboration and communication skills like understanding different perspectives, disagreeing respectfully, & being a positive bystander. Students are taught important coping skills for emotional problem solving. We review our learning styles, work on having a growth mindset and do some career exploration.

Learning Styles: Use Smart Study Strategies

Now that your child has taken the Learning Style Inventory, encourage them to use strategies that are a better fit for them. If you child is struggling with homework, review the study strategies that fit their learning style. Sometimes it's helpful to mix it up and try another strategy, especially if they are getting bored.
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Career Locker: a great career exploration site

Spencer School District has a subscription to Career Locker available to students in grades 4-12. There is a WISCareers link on the right side of my web page within the school web site. This means students can explore careers on Career Locker from school or at home.

On the Middle School Career Locker site, 5th grade students use the “Exploring Work Worksheet” within the “Occupations” button to do some exploring. Students can search for careers by school subject, focus of work, work location and other variables. You can even watch short video clips to see what people do on the job.

Students can sign in to the Middle School version of Career Locker to access Learning Style info., Exploring Work Worksheet or seach for any occupation using the same user name and password as their school login.

5th grade students can sign in to the Elementary version of Career Locker to access their avatar, play career skill games, explore career clusters, & learn about work values.

This is a great site to use when students gain new interests in skills. It's exciting for them to check out what they could do someday if they stay interested in that area and keep developing their skills. It's also a helpful site when students say things like, "Why do I have to learn this?" Reminding your child of the big picture and their aspirations in life, can help keep them motivated when they're in a learning slump.

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Mrs. Joann Roehl

4K-7 School Counselor

Feel free to contact me at any point. Communication between school and home is a key to your son or daughter's success in middle school. Once your son or daughter is in 8th grade, they transition to having Mrs. Eisfeldt as their school counselor. She will meet together with you to help them prepare to transition into high school.