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An ecommerce oriented website gives an opportunity.

What Can Designers Do with an Ecommerce Main Page Web Design?

An ecommerce oriented website gives an opportunity for products to shine. For many companies, this is the place where they make all their money. All the SEO efforts in the world mean little if a company is not ultimately translating and converting those additional views and high rankings for purposeful sales.

E-commerce can be designed very poorly, as many people have likely seen in their web travels. But, it can also be designed elegantly and perfectly. Some of the best Melbourne Web Design work weaves established web design formulas with fresh creativity; and the result can be stunning. A certain company used the cliché of a main capture image to their advantage in a wonderful new e-commerce design.

The Large Main Image and the Side Scroll

The large unifying main page is a little overplayed. Though it can offer a dazzling spectacle for any visitor immediately upon landing on the page, it can also be a bit unimpressive. One way to work against the generic nature of a main landing page image is to offset it with a navigational bar. A specific company selling reading accessories has found the perfect balance. They have a main graphic from their Web Developer Melbourne, but it does not cover the entire main text area. On the right hand side is a white area where a few items are nicely organized. It allows the eyes to travel from the main graphic through to the other items without losing a beat. This will encourage subsequent click throughs. If the visitor is not enamored by the main image, there is still something on the side which can potentially capture their attention.


The important part here is that the side panel is pure and contrasted from the main image Graphic Design Canberra. For example, the panel is white and has very bold and simple images for each product inside of it. The main image, on the other hand, can be a brilliant action shot showcasing the tone of the brand (and not a specific product).

With this strategy, users find an advantageous design. They get the perks of the large capture image to set the tone. Yet, the image is not so large that it encompasses the whole of the page. Along either side are a select few products displaying the variety of the brand and what else is available. It does not need to show prices (this is the home page after all). A Melbourne Digital Agency can re-establish new norms in web design by taking what works, and re-working it in new ways.