Sitting Bull's Cabin

1983 remodel

Victorious, but no Victor

Sitting Bull, the Lakota Sioux Chief, courageously fought against the European settlers whom were moving further across America. Sitting Bull defeated General George A. Custer along the Little Bighorn River on June 25-26, 1876. Although victorious, Sitting Bull served two years in jail before getting to celebrate! Sitting Bull met the president as well as appearing on popular tv shows!

Indian Resistance continued to grow, and white settlers once again feared Sitting Bull's influence! His arrest was ordered and he was killed. His cabin was torn down.

Chicago World Fair-He'll Go Down in History

The 1983 Chicago World's Fair celebrated the 400th anniversary of Christopher Columbus discovering America. In attempt to 'remodel' history the World's fair built replicas of famous events, buildings, landmarks, etc. Sitting Bull's Cabin was rebuilt as an attraction to the fair in 1983 because of the influence and mark he made in American History.