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February 1 - February 5, 2016

Counselor's Appreciation Week! Thank you, Marcela Montes!

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Week Activities: B Week

Monday, Feb. 1

-Happy birthday, Dorinda Fleming! :)

-Montes Out - Conference

Tuesday, Feb. 2

-Montes Out - Conference

Wednesday, Feb. 3

-Dollar Dress Day

-Li's Baby Shower @3:15 PM in the Cafeteria

Thursday, Feb. 4

-100th Day of School

-Pizza Day

-Montes Out @Counselor's Meeting

Friday, Feb. 5

-Brookedale Visits

  • 9:30 AM/1:30 PM - Abril/Sanchez/Li
  • 1:30 PM - Vela/Delapena (Big Building)

-Happy birthday, Marcos Abril! (Feb. 6) :)

Upcoming Dates:

  • Penny Drive - Feb. 8
  • MOY-CPAA Testing - Feb. 8
  • Valentine's Day Class parties - Feb. 12

Important Info

100th Day of School

The 100th day of school will be on Thursday, February 4th.

What do you think you will look like at age 100? Students and staff may come dressed as someone who is 100 years old. Have fun and be creative in coming up with something to wear!

$1.00 Any Dress Day

This event will be held on the first Wednesday of every month.

For $1, staff and students may wear any outfit to school - within the dress code guidelines. The following are the dates:

  • Feb. 3rd
  • March 2nd
  • April 6th
  • May 4th


From Jennifer Dickson:

  • Great job Pierce Pandas for winning the Pre K Attendance trophy for the week of Jan. 20-22!
  • Thanks to everyone for their support of our Attendance Initiative #EveryPandaEveryDay
  • Great job Head Start teachers! It was a fabulous program on Thursday night!
  • Thanks for Ms. Aquino for getting Peter Wants to Know…off to a great start!
  • Thanks to Brooke for helping settle parent disputes during morning traffic duty. :)
  • Thanks to Ms. Nichols for the great idea for our Perfect Attendance Parent Celebrations!
  • Thanks to Ms. Nichols for being a Grammar Expert! :)

From Kathleen Escobedo:

  • I want to shout out to all of the paraprofessionals for their enthusiasm, creativeness, and support for the iCreate projects. We could not have done it without you!

From Whitney McKimmey:

  • Li, Orozco, Reeder, and Jose – Thank you all for helping with the afternoon traffic duty, you made it a lot easier on me!
  • Brooke – Thank you for making me stay inside while you go out for my morning traffic duty!!

From Ana Delapena:

  • To Mrs. Negron for the spectacular background for our program last night (Eso salió!!!)
  • To Ms. Orozco and Mrs. Li/Mrs. McKimmey for helpig us with the traffic even with their huge babies on board!
  • To Mrs. Raza for being patient during the practices of our program.

From Yang Li:

  • Big Shout out to Mrs Aquino for helping us with our Icreate projects!!
  • Mrs Robertson for doing traffic duty and doing the right thing ;)
  • Big Shout out to Mrs. Mckimmey and Mrs. Fleming for their birthdays, hope yall have a wonderful day!
  • A huge Shout out to Ms. Lazo for always steeping in to help me in whatever is necessary.
  • To Maria Coronado for getting our field trip paper work in order!!!
  • To Ms. Dickson for getting us cool materials for our classrooms! (Oops I hope I didn’t spoil any surprises here)
  • To Ms. Orozco for always helping in traffic duty! We love you!!!!!!
  • To Ms. Sanchez for always going along with my projects!
  • To Ms. Chavira, you are just sooo smart!!!!
  • To Ms. Lara for your creativity and your sense of humor!!!
  • A gigantic shout out to all my Pierce family. You guys make this place home!!!!

From Marcela Montes:

  • To Nettie and Sylvia for caring about me and remind me to take care of myself
  • To every child in Pierce for teaching me every day how to be a better person
  • To Mr. Abril for welcoming back to school

From Marisol Mercado:

  • Shout out to Mrs. Aquino!! For helping us finish up the iCreate projects!

From Karen Nichols:

  • To Nettie for always graciously helping me contact parents when i need to. It is always very much appreciated!
  • To Sylvia for helping me translate for a student and a parent! Thank you for your help!
  • Shout out to the Positive Dog who left this encouraging note in my box!

From Sandra Morales:

  • A shoutout to our Sped Team! Our Diagnostician Roxana, and SLPs Tiffany and Mariam, just for being awesome in providing and taking care of our students' needs!! So glad to work with all of you!! :)

From Sandra Vela:

  • For Mrs. Marina Trevizo for always offering me food.
  • For Mrs. Negron and all her creativity!
  • For Mrs. Fleming, thank you for your patience and understanding, even when I don’t read her emails. Love You! :)

From Michelle Aquino:

  • Shoutout to all of the teachers for their hard work on the iCreate projects! #Breathe
  • Shoutout to the person who left me a very positive and encouraging note in my mailbox! #FeedingThePositiveDog
  • Shoutout to Karen Nichols for providing sugar when I needed it the most!
  • Thank you to A Week teachers for being super flexible with me in changing my storytime schedule around!