Chinese Texans

By:Purvam Patel

Push and Pull factors

Push factors:

Chinese left was because Empress Dowager CLXI ran China in a corrupt way which caused it to become a weak economy.

They left because they had better low paying jobs which lead to not being able to support their families

Pull Factors:

Could get more money to feed their families

They had cheap land

Cultural highlights

Most of their culture stayed the same

They ate many vegtables with meat in there noodles

They were great engineers

They still follow confucism

They still celebrate new years

used same language

Elders should always be respected and they give the first toast at a family gathering

Amazing people

There was on man who influenced all the Chinese to come was general John J. Pershing also known as Black Jack.He brought 527 Chinese from Mexico.Sam Hing was probably the first Chinese to be born in Texas,that was a great honor for the Chinese because they felt like they were part of Texas.Then there is Sam Mar-Dock,he open the first Chinese restaurant which sold noodles and vegetable,a few month later he made 5 more restaurants,1 is still open today in Waco.

Did you know??

35 children are born every minute in China.

the wheelbarrow was invented by a Chinese.

About 700,000 engineers graduate annually from schools in China.

Tree hugging in China is strictly forbidden.


How long does it take to go through a complete cycle of the Chinese calender?

Who always gets the first toast at a gathering?

Name the object that china invented: It is shot up in the sky in a special occasion,it is used to make colors in the sky and it is shot with gun powder

Analysis 1

Chinese are vital to the world,with out them we would have lost many great mind that have helped us in history and that are helping us now.They put their blood,sweat, and tears to make a wall to protect themselves from attacker and today it is a landmark for the explanation is great people that have made a big impact on the world, Confucius has taught us many rules of life that many people still follow today,also Jackie Chan a great fighting movie star helped our film industry to make the action more interesting.

Analysis 2

I think it was a good idea for a immigrants to come so many people know many cultures and different cultures interact.This is an example of trading, you show others you religion while they show you your,it increased diversity brings new influences in art, architecture and food.Texas has about 2.2 million immigrant every year.Without immigration you probably would not know what pizza is,then the statue of liberty would've not been here because France gave it to us.Also with out china,we would not have been able to celebrate new years with fireworks.
Business and Culture in China


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