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Houston Area Alliance of Black School Educators


At this time, we are no longer accepting additional honorees or headshot submissions for this year's ceremony.
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Congratulations on being selected as the HAABSE Outstanding Teacher for your campus! The purpose of our Teacher Awards and Recognition Ceremony (TARC) is to say “thank you“ to teachers for the outstanding job they do in working with children, and to provide an opportunity for the community to participate in this recognition.

As a TARC honoree, you will be recognized on Friday, February 4, 2022 at 7:00 PM during our virtual awards ceremony. Last school year, we recognized close to 250 educators across the Houston metro area, and we look forward to recognizing just as many, if not more, this school year. Additional information regarding the virtual ceremony will be emailed to recipients in January 2022.

Watch the video below as our HAABSE president, Julia Andrews, provides additional information regarding the HAABSE Teacher Awards Recognition Ceremony (TARC), as well as your available option to be considered for monetary prizes:

2022 TARC Welcome Video for Teacher Recipients- HAABSE Virtual Awards February 5, 2022

HAABSE Teachers of the Year and Monetary Awards

As mentioned in the video, you will be recognized as the HAABSE Outstanding Teacher for your campus in February 2022. In addition to the campus award, recipients who are paid members of HAABSE for 2021- 2022 will be considered for the HAABSE Teacher of the Year awards which include monetary prizes up to $1,000. If you are not a current member of HAABSE, you can still be considered for the monetary awards if you become a financial HAABSE member no later than Friday, December 17th. In addition to becoming a paid member, you will need to complete the essay portion of the application in 250 words or less per question:

1. Given today’s educational climate, explain the qualities an effective educator must possess in order to be successful in his/her role.

2. Gone are the days of "one size fits all" for lesson delivery. Describe a lesson or unit that you have taught. In what ways did you differentiate to meet the needs of diverse learners?

3. Virtual and hybrid learning required educators to find new ways to meet students' needs through technology integration. What are some ways you are currently using technology to meet the academic needs of your students?

4. The pandemic has affected students and educators in a variety of different ways. What are some strategies you are currently implementing to help meet the social-emotional needs of your students?

5. What are some ways you have improved or helped build a positive culture on your campus? Please provide specific examples.

The HAABSE Teacher of the Year Committee will review the essay responses and principal recommendation letters to determine our finalists and runner-ups who will be eligible for monetary awards of up to $1,000 at the elementary/intermediate and middle school/high school levels.

Click the link below to find out more information about joining HAABSE:

Teacher of the Year Honoree Information

ALL honorees will need to submit their personal and professional information into the Google form link below. Prior to filling out the form, you will need to have the following information available:

ALL honorees:

  • Signed letter of recommendation from your principal (electronic copy)

  • Each honoree will need a professional headshot for the virtual ceremony. The following districts have agreed to take the headshot pictures for their honorees, so you should receive communication from within your district regarding the plan to accomplish this task: Aldine ISD, Alief ISD, Fort Bend ISD, Galena Park ISD, Lamar Consolidated and Sheldon ISD.

  • If you are not in one of the districts listed above, you will have two (2) options available: 1) submit your own picture following the steps outlined at the bottom of this Smore, or 2) have your picture taken at the HAABSE office (3100 Richmond Avenue, Houston, Texas 77098) on Tuesday, December 21 from 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM. You will need to wear PROFESSIONAL attire (no school-t-shirts, holiday t-shirts, etc.). Sign up HERE for a time slot.

Honorees who want to be considered for monetary awards based on the criteria outlined above will also need to provide:

  • Responses to the essay questions (you can copy and paste them into the Google form)
  • Current resume detailing your experience in education (include any leadership positions you have held, awards/recognitions you have received, and committee/organization memberships)

You will need to allot approximately 20 minutes of uninterrupted time to fill out the application. You will not be able to save your progress and return at a later time. Be sure to submit the full name you want used for the virtual awards ceremony and printed on your certificate. Also, be sure to use your personal email address instead of your school email address. Your district's email filters may not allow important emails from HAABSE to be delivered to you.

HAABSE Outstanding Teacher Awards Application

Once you have gathered the required information, you will complete and submit your application*: HAABSE Outstanding Teacher Award Application All submissions are due no later than Friday, December 17.

*Please note that teachers from the following districts will need to use a PERSONAL device/computer, not a district device/computer, due to your district's firewall settings to prevent data loss: Houston ISD, Aldine ISD and Galena Park ISD.

Steps to Submit Your Professional Headshot for the Virtual Ceremony

*This step is only required if your district is not taking the headshots centrally and you are unable to take a headshot at the HAABSE office on Tuesday, December 21 from 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM.

Follow the steps outlined below to ensure a quality picture for the virtual ceremony:

  • You must wear professional attire (no t-shirts, holiday shirts, etc.).
  • Have someone else take the photo instead of taking a selfie.
  • Place yourself in front of a plain background that is free of clutter.
  • Make sure your face is well lit. You can take the picture facing a window, ring light or a lamp with a shade to achieve this goal.
  • Look straight ahead toward the camera and avoid side profile shots.
  • If using a cell phone, use the "portrait" setting (if available).
  • Avoid leaving too much headroom. Crop the picture to include your head and the top half of your chest. You should not submit full body pics.
  • Take multiple pictures and choose the one that looks the best.
  • Before submitting your picture to the Google link below, save the picture using the following name format: District_First and Last Name_Campus Name

Once you have selected the headshot you want us to use for the virtual ceremony, you will need to upload it to this Google form. If you are in HISD, Galena Park or Aldine ISD, you will need to submit using a personal device: HAABSE Headshot Submission

All headshot pictures must be uploaded by Monday, January 3, 2022.