wonderful wisconsin

If you are wondering about things you can do in Wisconsin then you have come to the right place . Wisconsin is a cup of hot chocolate on a winter day.

Outdoor Action

Do you like going for walks around your neighborhood? well if you do then its even better in Wisconsin. In Wisconsin walking is ten times better than in a neighborhood because their is less people and there are many more colorful birds its also peaceful to listen to bird sounds. Sometimes you can even sit on a bench by a lake and watch fish jump out of the water. Thump thump thump thats the sound your heart makes as you lean your back against a sappy tree hoping not to be found. Do you like playing hide and seek in your home if you do its ten times better in outside in Wisconsin when playing hide and seek you can hide in bushes behind trees and under fallen trees and even in trees

Deep in the Woods

As you run deeper into the woods you look around for a tree before time runs out as your flash light bobs up and down . Outside in Wisconsin you can play hide and seek at night to but i will just call it hide and seek extreme . In hide and seek extreme you play outside at night with flashlights in the woods . If you hear or see a bear you should go inside immediately . in hide and seek extreme its easier to move around in the shadows once your eyes adjust to the dark without being seen. Kids can make forts during the day in the woods out of logs ,twigs and leaves. In the woods people can go bird watching some birds you might see are the hooded oriole , green tailed towhee, rufous crowned sparrow or even the bald eagle.

Bears Beware

There are many negative things in Wisconsin but first things first there are some things you should watch out for are the bear Wisconsin's occupied bear range is expanding if you see bear cubs you should get out of the area because bears are very protective. you should also watch out for mosquitos a solution to mosquitos is bug spray but it does not always work. The main reason you should watch out for mosquitos is because they carry a disease called malaria.


Those are the main things you can do in Wisconsin so now you know what you can do and what to watch out for. I recommend for you to go to Wisconsin for vacation now that you know.