Andrew Jackson



Andrew Jackson may have been supported just because of his equality traits towards the low class but there is more to him than just positive attention towards the common man.There are three reasons why he isn't who everyone thinks he is. His greed, his choice of when was the right time to be persistent, and his unfairness.


Andrew Jackson is well known as the guy who is responsible for the "Trail Of Tears" which was when he forced Indians to move west just to have more room and to claim the gold that was in there land. The severity of this event is very severe and sad and his few rights don't cover up all that wrong he did during that time. Many Indians lost family members for what? Just so Mr. Jackson can have the gold. it was unfair and selfish. 4,000 Cherokees lost their lives all because of his selfishness.

50/50 Persistence

Jackson's persistence is 50/50 because sometimes it was for the betterment of the united states and at other times it was for the betterment of himself. There are some things we have to thank him for but the one mistake he made with the "Trail Of Tears" was very out of line. No matter what the Indians tried, Jackson made sure that they didn't have a way around it.


Andrew Jackson wasn't fair to the indians it seemed like all he cared about was the white men and his presidency. He didn't care what the indians did just as long as they stayed out of his way and his country. No matter what Jackson did he hoped it made him look good.

Political Jackson

People thought of Andrew Jackson as an absolute monarch. The reason behind it all was because of how he was honored by many and only disliked by a few. His disobedient ways are represented in the political cartoon by the U.S constitution being ripped up under his feet. If you look closely you can see that on the paper he is holding it says veto because Jackson often found himself being challenged by the national bank so he vetoed many things which eventually contributed to the shutdown of the national bank. He used his power to veto more than any other president ever did.