CWES Staff News

Week of March 7-11, 2016

In the Know....


Teacher Appreciation week will be underway this week.

Your #whyITeach bubble is in your mailbox now, please complete this so the PT O reps can come and take a picture of you with you bubble. DO NOT put it in PTO mailbox. They will come to you. This is a great way to connect to a national movement. Follow me on Twitter if you have not already as we show the community and the country why we teach! If you have a twitter, share and tag me at @lisagarosi and #whyIteach.

A few other things happening this week to celebrate you are:

  • Monday; coffee cart
  • Tuesday Lunch for you by your classroom parents/students
  • Weds snack cart for your enjoying
  • Thursday PTO providing lunch for you
  • Friday: surprise
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Leadership: cancelled this week

This weeks Leadership meeting is cancelled. I will be out of town on a PL development day with other principals.

Next Tuesday: Anita will host the testing meeting. Anita will send out a reminder to all who need to attend.

April 12 will be the next Leadership meeting: we will look at our data we collected at our last faculty meeting on March 10

iTeach Tech Coach: Tanis at your service

Tanis is part of our support as we implement more technology strategies. Tanis is working with KSU and FC and is looking for 4-6 people to support this year and next with learning and honing the "geek" in you.... her email is or

Tanis is with us about one day a week right now. if you see someone coming in to visit you, it usually Tanis. You still can ask her who she is.....

Please let me know if you are interested in having her support you. I have 2 people already interested.

I will be placing an flyer about who she is and what she can do to support you this week.

Welcome Tanis!


Thank you to the 25 people who signed up. I am going to be contacting another school to see if they would like to send others to us but see if they can open different dates to us. Once I find out about those dates, I will put them out to you to see if another date might work to get others trained.

We are in the process of interviewing for the PBL coordinators position and when it is finalized, I will share. Great candidates so far....tough competition.

Project Based Learning: Explained.

My schedule this week:

Monday - PD out of the building

Tuesday- PD out of building/ No Leadership

Wednesday- in classrooms/ SGC 2pm

Thursday- Kindergarten Round up/ In classrooms

Friday- in classrooms

** daily calendar posted outside my door.

Looking Forward........

Spring Break

I hope you all are getting a chance to do what you want to do: relax, go somewhere fun, do some housework or do NOTHING at all. Send me some great pictures of your week so I can share when we get back!!

I'm heading to the Bahamas :)

Thank you for all you do! I am so proud to be your principal!!! #ibelieveinyou!

SGC Voting: FYI

Voting for SCG will begin on Weds March 23. Parents will vote on parent representatives using their HAC log in info. They need to contact the front office to get this information.

we have one teacher running.... Michael Rostin. Yea Michael. thank you for stepping up for helping to lead with the SGC next year. because there is one candidate we will need to vote as a staff but know your classroom parents will be voting. I sent out a parent newsletter to the community this week to explain the process.

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