Regal Leader

Volume 65 - November 19, 2018

The Week Ahead

Happy Turkey Week!

Have a great short week!

Monday: Parent meeting @ 8:30, EOP Planning Meeting @ 9:00, EOP Meeting @ 5:15

Tuesday: K-12 Mass @ 9:30, Catholic Identity @ 4:30

Wednesday: No school

Thursday: Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday: Happy Black Friday!



Awesome Job Fall Play!

Congratulations and great job to the cast and crew of the Fall Play! It is even more special given how young the majority of the cast was for the play.

Morning Prayer This Week

Nov 20-Nov 21: Thanksgiving Prayer

Father in Heaven, Creator of all and source of all goodness and love, please look kindly upon us and receive our heartfelt gratitude in this time of giving thanks.

Thank you for all the graces and blessings. You have bestowed upon us, spiritual and temporal: our faith and religious heritage. Our food and shelter, our health, the loves we have for one another, our family and friends.

Dear Father, in Your infinite generosity, please grant us continued graces and blessing throughout the coming year.

This we ask in the Name of Jesus, Your Son and our Brother. Amen.

Mass on Tuesday

We have Mass at 9:30 on Tuesday. Please be sure to accompany your students to the gym and remind them to be quiet as they proceed to the gym.

No meeting on Thursday

We will not meet on Thursday afternoon. I will probably be watching football or sleeping.

December Newsletter

Please get me any items for the December newsletter by Thursday the 29th. Thanks!