My Digital Story

Hunter Adams

The Start

My whole story started back in sixth grade. Before this, I had a general idea of what I wanted to do, but this all changed quite quickly. When we started searching for jobs that fit us last year, I was intent on becoming a marine biologist. I now realize that this is not the job for me, and I will explain why this is true later.

My Education on Jobs

Now, into seventh grade, I realize that I am better fit by the job of engineering. I would like to become an aerospace engineer, because I am precise, good at writing convincing summaries on why my design would be best, and I am very precise. In addition to all this, I am very hardworking, and enjoy time that I get to spend alone. Since people in the aerospace industry often have to do this, it would greatly suit me for a job.

My Job:

College Education

I would hope to go to Syracuse University, because they offer an excellent program in aerospace. Though I may not live nearby, they have on-campus housing, and with being a good swimmer and a strong student, I shouldn't have much of a hard time getting a scholarship (Or so I hope). Even if it is expensive, my amazing parents are sure to let me live with them until I am ready to move off on my own and buy myself a house. I would need at least a bachelor's degree for my job, but a more preferable PhD would get me higher pay, so I will go for that.


I am never satisfied, especially with myself. So, I will work the hardest I can to get the best lifestyle money can buy. As for where I want to live, New jersey is still looking good. I really do enjoy the change in seasons, from the hot summers to the cold winters, I generally enjoy it all. I would like a large house, and with a mode pay of around $118,000 dollars a year, it won't be that difficult. In total, a good $95,000 yearly pay would do it, so I will have room for plenty of extra luxuries, such as vacations and saving money. In general, I hope to live the good life.


In the end, it all comes down to enjoying life. Sometimes you don't need a big house or many vacations to be happy, but they certainly are fun! So, with my career already planned in advance, I shouldn't have much of a challenge continuing to pursue my dreams of becoming an aerospace engineer