Bill of Rights

La'Treice Johnson,U.S History,3rd Coach Williams

Bill of Rights

The first 10 amendments of the constitution.

First Amendment-Freedom of speech ,press ,and religion

You can say or write almost anything you want unless you have a problem then you can tell the government.
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Second Amendment-The right to bear arms

Government can't stop people from using guns as self defense or to be used when your a soldier.
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Third Amendment-The privacy in home

soldier cant control you and your household.

Nevada Case

The forgotton amendment that Mr.Mitchell entered a home during war to a woman's house and he was put in trial

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Fourth Amendment-unreasonable search and seizure

Police can't search without a warrant, reasoning and where to be searching.

Mapp vs. Ohio

The police officers wanted to enter Mapps house but she did let it happen without a warrant they got a search warrant and found that she was involved with the bombing .

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Fifth Amendment- Double jeopardy,self in crimination, and due to process of law

In court, you only have one chance and only can be charged once.
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Sixth Amendment-The rights of the accused in criminal cases

The trial must be public and exact for reasoning and cause.
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Seventh Amendment-The right to a jury trial

The cases are to be settled in civil cases which is a lot of money
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Eighth Amendment-preventing cruel and unusual punishment

The bail for the jail must be reasonable just like the punishment

Wilkerson vs.Utah

The people were hanging and firing for crimes but Wilkerson didn't like it so he made his statement in the Supreme Court and the Eighth amendment was added to the constitution.

Ninth Amendment-rights retained by people

rights can't be taken away
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Tenth Amendment - limiting federal powers

states have freedom unless the constitution says not.
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