Them taste strips!

Taste bud changing strips

What is it?

*numbs tongue briefly

*miraculously changes favors on your taste buds

* you are able to eat whatever you please

Our New Cool Flavors

Where will we sell it?

*health food markets

*gas stations

* supermarket

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How much is it?

1 pack (24 strips): $5

5 pack : $15

How does it work?

Them taste strips contains synsepalum dulcificum powder, and artificial flavoring and color depending on your taste.

Good for adults!

*get kids to eat vegitables

* can get on a healthy diet without having to starve yourself

Good for kids!

*can eat nasty school lunch

*will be able to eat the food your mom makes

Similar products?

Miracle berry taste tablets, which barely compares to our product. Miracle berry only slightly alters your taste buds to taste sweet instead of sour.

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