The First Achieved Settlement

By: Hollin Williams


Colonist wishing for freedom, sailing on three big ships, to an unknown suspicious piece of land in Virginia. The three ships were loaded with colonists with curiousness in their heads, hoping to reach a colony in North America. When the colonists arrived in Jamestown, they had an idea to make a big fort to protect themselves from the Powhatan indians. The big fort they built was a source and strategy of survival. The strong fort that they built protected them from attack by the Powhatan indians. With building forts, survival and the three ships that brought the Colonists over to North America, they were able to find freedom and practice their own religion.

Starting Out

The three ships that brought the colonists over to North America from England were called the Susan Constant, the Godspeed, and the Discovery. It took almost 4 1/2 months to reach Virginia and many people died from sickness or disease from being cramed together on ships. On April, 1607, the colonists sailed into Virginia off the coast of the Chesapeake Bay, many people died, actually only 15 people survived. They wanted to find gold, achieve to settle Virginia, and discover a water route to Orient. Immediately after they landed they were under attack, by the on and off helpful and untrustworthy Algonquian Natives. A little over a month the newcomers were able to manage and build themselves a wooden fort. They made sketches of the forts and were ready to build. Luckily another ship sailed over with more people and supplies.


John Smith's leadership took a great role, also the Powhatan indian tribe organized a food trade. The indians would give the colonists food in exchange of glass beads, copper, and iron. The settlers would not work together and plant crops. Winters were tough, despite captain John Smith's efforts. However some indians helped them throughout the winter. It wasn't always like that at the beginning, the joint stock companies ordered the colonists to share food with the indians. The colonists hated that reasoning and stole the food from the indians instead of sharing. Shortly after arrival at Jamestown, the colonists worked out a joint stock company. Instead of one person losing money if they failed to settle, everyone who belonged to the joint stock company would lose a little money. It would help save money. With the help of captain John Smith, the indians, and the joint stock company Jamestown was surviving well.

James Fort

The James Fort that the colonists built wasn't triangular on accident! It was a triangular because on the three vertices there were cabins and canons. The guards could sleep in the cabins and see if any enemies (the indians) were planning a surprise attack. It took a little over a months time to build the fort. That was because experienced craftsmen and laborers were building James fort. The fort was named James fort after James, the king of England. It was constructed for the protection from their enemies, the Powhatan indians and the Spanish. The colonists drew sketches of the fort and inside the fort there was a church and many houses. There was also walls that were formed as a triangle with a store house inside. The fort really helped the colonists survive the harsh attacks from the Powhatan indians. It was also a great place to live.


The colonists were able to build a wooden fort to protect them. If it wasn't for the colonists strategic smartness the indians would have destroyed the colony of Jamestown. (they were there before the colonists though) If it wasn't for the indians though the colonists wouldn't have enough food; the food trade took care of that well. John Smith had great organizations to help the colonists survive too. The Susan Constant, The Discovery, and The Godspeed were strong enough ships to bring the colonists over to Jamestown. The colonists were probably thankful for great leadership, smartness, and the indians and that is why Jamestown settled in the year of 1607.