Coniferous Forest

Pros and Cons


Coniferous Forest are also know as Taiga. Name after Taiga because the type of the Vegetation located such as pines and other trees. Taigas are located in the northern latitude on the opposite side of the equator where temperatures are low.

Weather & Climate

Taiga's are very cold and some dry but nothing compared to Tundra's . Taiga's receive 25-75 CM of rain per year , but also mentioning there cold snowy winters and warm summers. The average temperature is below freezing point 6 months a year

Taiga's are one of a kind you could call it "bipolar"

Landforms and Animals

There are such mountains in these forest , more like cliffs every once in a while. Forest fires is a major part of Taiga's because it clears old vegetation and allows new to grow .There are many animals also like Wolves, Bears, Lynx, Cougars, Deer, Bears, and many more ETC. Like any other Habitat the is a food chain like the Coniferous Forest the much bigger animals eats the smaller defenseless animals.

Here are some photos !