CIA Agent Information

How does someone join the CIA

To join the CIA, you must be a legal adult in the United States. You have to have a high GPA and a degree from a 4 year college. You also must have at least three years experience in some form of investigations. You have to be able to work with stress. You have to be very social with people. You cannot have a criminal record or do drugs.

CIA Job Description

In the CIA you have to gather evidence. You have to use the evidence to find out why the event happened or is it going to happened again, and if so how, where and when. Also gather information from available sources. According to the CIA'S website, " Translating foreign newspaper and magazine articles and radio and television broadcasts provides open-source intelligence." They also use satellites and witnesses.


The starting salary for the CIA is $84k. Average salary rate is $101,698. Last but not least the maximum rate is 123k dollars. Personaly i think that you could make a nice living out of that.

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