Hippopotamus Amphibius

Laura Knaus







Scientific Name:Hippopotamus amphibius

Size (L):2m - 5m (6.5ft - 16.5ft)

Weight:1tonne - 4.5tonnes (2,200lbs - 9,900lbs)

The Hippopotamus is a very large mammal that is closely related to the whale. This herbivore is a vegetarian that eats mostly grass. Although this large animal may have very sharp teeth, the hippopotamus has very strong lips as well. It uses its forceful lips to rip apart the grass as it eats. The hippopotamus can open its mouth to a full 150 degrees. Hippopotami prefer to live in grasslands near water. Most of hippopotami live in very warm environments like in Africa. Since of the high heat in these areas.Although male hippopotami become independent as they mature, the females join a herd. Although the hippopotamus is a bulky animal, it surprisingly moves fast in both water and on land.