More Eco Friendly Bedrooms

Jocelyn Williams

Flooring Can Be More Eco Friendly

When you are purchasing new carpeting, choose carpeting with a high recycled or sustainable harvested content, as well as low volatile organic compounds (VOCs).If installing a new hardwood floor, use reclaimed lumber recycled from local buildings, as even sustainable harvested wood must often be transported over long distances.
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The mixed matched lumber in the floor is all recycled and put together to make a more eco friendly and fun looking flooring.

You Can Be Energy Efficient

When your not using your cell phone charger unplug it because its still using a little bit of energy while plugged in. You don't need your lights on while the sun is still shinning so turn them off and when the sun is no longer in use but still out use a lamp so your using minimal amounts of energy. Use minimal amounts of appliances in your room while necessary. You don't need your TV, hair dryer, hair straightener, lights, phone charger in, and radio plugged in and going all at the same time. Use what is needed when needed.
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This room is energy efficient because it's using minimal light energy and has no fans and minimal outlets.

Your Furniture Can Be More Eco Friendly

You can recyclable wood or 100% all natural oak wood for desks, draws and bed stands. You can use organic bed spreading and pillows that you could order from an organic furnishings web site called Haiku pages. Try bedding with “transitional cotton” — made from fields that have committed to organic growing practices but have not yet completed the organic certification process.
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This is just a picture of how all of your bed spreads, pillows and other bedroom materials would come if you were to order them online.