Rudy wants to go out on a date with an older girl ,but his over protective mother wouldn't let Rudy go on that date because he was too young ,so he talked to his mother trying to work things out. Then finally his mother let him go on that date an he accomplished his date.

The theme is that even though you are not great at things, you should always be confident an always keep everything under control. "ALEX: Man its tough being a novio boy.""


Inner Conflict: His problem with him self is that he is doing everything for the girl he is dating an wasting all his money an his belongings.

External Conflict: His mother is the main problem in the story because his mother is not letting him go on a date because he is too young.


Request: to ask for. Synonym: asking

Vertical: something that is as a line that is vertical. Synonym: strait

Complex: a whole made up of different things. Synonym: different.


PATRICA: Oh your athletic supporter.

RUDY: last year I was wearing a size small ,but I'm up to a size medium now.

BECAUSE: This part made me lough because he said that during the date.