Cool? Identity,Drugs & Fitting In

Trying to be cool with others

What Does it mean to be "cool'? and how important is it to be cool?

We think that being cool is trying to fit into a group of people who are cool,In our book Give a Boy a Gun cool represents hatred and bullying the two characters in our book want to kill everybody that bully's mostly the jocks.

What does it mean to fit in and why is it so important?

We think that fitting is when somebody wants to be cool and wants to be in a group and doesn't want to be an outcast.People who want to fit in wear the clothes brand everybody is wearing like Hollister and they wear that brand so they can be just like the others who wear Hollister.We think its not really important to fit in because if you try to fit in really hard that makes you a follower and a fake.But sometimes it is important to fit because you can make new friends and won't be and outcast.