The Crisis of School Lunches

By Joshua Muniz

Workers sometimes aren't responsible enough.

Workers can keep food above or below the temperature needed for the food not knowing that they are allowing bacteria to grow.This bacteria can then turn into a treat and can make multiple people sick.


Lacking in cleaning standards

Cafeterias can have certain food old,expired, or have a problem with bugs.A school in Nashville,Tennessee had a bag of flour that was infected with bugs. The kids didn't know this and were still eating the food without knowing the bag was were the food was prepared.

People don't care.

School districts can not care about the cafeterias. This goes for hiring people,the food, and the conditions of the cafeterias.Seventy-five percent of the main reasons school cafeterias aren't as good as they can be is because people don't check up on how the cafeterias are doing.