Eagle Eye E-News, January 26-30

Ebinport Elementary Faculty and Staff E-News

Ebinport's Vision Statement

Alongside families and our community, we are cultivating and nurturing lifelong learners to excel in an interdependent global society.



Back the Pack Basketball Game-Please encourage your students to come! I also encourage each of you to come, we will have a section just for Ebinport--COME ON EAGLES, LET'S MAKE SOME NOISE!

Winthrop Women vs. Presbyterian 1pm

Winthrop Men vs. Campbell 4pm (I will be at this game only due to the women's game being during Edy Pat's nap time)

Last Day for Mid-Year GBE Conferences. If you have not had your conference please sign up in Canvas.

Grade Level Meetings with Marco
Rhonda at a principal meeting 8:00-3:00
No faculty meeting today! Please use this time to work in your rooms until 4:00.

11:30 Rhonda off campus to plan February Late Start
4:00 Yoga: Please consider making this part of your New Years Resolution
Duty Free Lunch provided by Church 180. Please drop students off in the cafeteria where 6 volunteers (all have their volunteer cards) from the church will monitor students. Lunch will be set up in the conference room.


9-3 Rhonda in Pageland for an OEC Principal Meeting with Supt. of Ed.Molly Spearman, Gov. Nikki Haley and Speaker of the House Jay Lucas
4:15 Rhonda at a calendar meeting


8:30-10:30 Dr. Pew to conduct classroom observations- see schedule below

2 Day Professional Learning Community Conference- I am SO EXCITED!!

Below you will find an invitation to a district PD opportunity! I am so excited about this, really--I AM! I hope that you will look at your summer calendar and plan to attend! Look at the incentive to attend below!
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Dr. Pew Visitation Schedule

8:30- 8:45 Ms. Pundt
8:47-9:03 Stacy Bailey
9:05-9:20 Diane Bailey
9:22-9:37 Sra. Gonzalez
9:39-9:54 Ms. Reid
9:56-10:11 Sra. Kiker
10:13-10:28 Ms. Wilson

Rock Hill Education Foundation Grants

Please consider writing an Education Foundation Grant for items that you need/want in your classroom. Last grant cycle we wrote three grants and were awarded all three. This is such great news for students!

The Rock Hill Schools Education Foundation is pleased to announce the next opportunity to apply for grants. Spring 2015 proposals will be accepted until Monday, February 16, 2015. The Foundation has awarded over $53,000 in grants this school year! Over $585,000 has been awarded to educators in our district since the grants program began.

Awards will be granted by the Foundation’s Grant Patrol. As a reminder, you may now submit your grant request electronically. Visit the Teacher Grants Program section of our website at the following link to learn more and to submit your application.


Personal News

I was recently able to be part of a ceremony that gave an award in my father's memory. CN2 did a nice job of covering this event and I thought I would share with you. If you are interested, click here.

"Warm Fuzzies" A Message from Ms. Holliday

As the dreary winter days are here (and sometimes not), we all sometimes get into a slump. I know for me that my slump used to hit me about April, but now it seems to come earlier and earlier each year. We all need some encouragement and motivation just to get to a Friday some weeks. All of us have lots on our plates here at school and even outside of school. We all need an encouraging word to pull us through. So if you are so inclined, please feel free to take an index card from the Bulletin Board by the conference room and write some words of encouragement to someone. You may post it on the board or privately place it in their box in the office.

Five on Friday

It is our desire to become a gold member level school through Safe Walk to School. In order to do this we must have a set time that students engage in a transportation related physical activity. Ms. Thompson indicated in our SIC meeting that she has students walk for five minutes one Friday each month at recess. We hope that you will join us in these efforts by asking your students to do the same. This will allow us to meet this requirement to becoming a Gold Level school through Safe Routes to School.

March 18 is our next walk to school day.

Academic Committee Meeting Notes

Academic Committee Meeting - January 13

The Academic Committee analyzed the most current F & P data. The following data represents the total number of students in each grade level who are currently below grade level in reading.

Kindergarten - 20 (18 below + 2 significantly below)

1st - 43 (25 below + 18 significantly below)

2nd - 38 (26 below + 12 significantly below)

3rd - 26 (16 below + 10 significantly below)

4th - 31 (15 below + 16 significantly below)

5th - 23 (15 below + 8 significantly below)

It was also found that many students, especially those in the primary grades, revert up to 4 levels over the summer. The committee discussed ways to address the drop in growth. Suggestions for getting books into the hands of students included making book packets with A to Z books on student's reading level which can be swapped out, continuing the neighborhood book distributions, and continuing to provide free books to students reading below grade level at the end of the year.

Because research shows that academic success is directly related to school climate, the Academic Committee also began thinking about a School Climate survey. This will be discussed more in depth at the next meeting.

If anyone has ideas or suggestions, please feel free to pass those along to us!

Technology Committee Meeting Notes

Repeated our guidelines

* Start on time

* Stay on task

* Continue goal setting

* We will delegate work that needs to be completed

1. Promethean Board Training: A lot of people signed up but we only had 5 people show up to each session. We will try to do another class on a Tuesday instead. Chris will continue to conduct Promethean board training into the spring if we are interested.

-Conduct on a leadership Tuesday, February 3rd (tentative)

2. ExamView Training: Thursday, January 22nd, Chris Odom come and talk about ExamView. Send out an email to teachers inviting them to come. 3pm in the media center. Optional. Have Mrs. Kelsey send out in smore newsletter!

3. SuccessMaker replacement: Stacy Bailey received an update that it will only be used by Title 1 schools only. Kindergarten in using abcya.com and Star Fall. Tried abcmouse.com, not much feedback or reports to help maintain what students are doing.

iXL: paid subscription for K-12. Can access at home for parents and can specify what students need to complete. Looking into purchase for K-2. $249/year for 1 teacher (30 students) ONLY 1 subject. $349/year for 1 teacher for 2 subjects. Language arts only grades 2-8.

4. Typing program update: Looking up apps that would work with the ipads to assist 3rd-5th.

Typing programs being looked into for K-2nd.

http://www.learninggamesforkids.com/keyboarding_games/typing-factory.html http://www.funtotype.com



5. Keyboards: Kellie will double count the amount of keyboards at Ebinport and see how many we need to have one for each ipad. Bluetooth keyboards on Amazon range from $20-25 per. Look into writing a foundation grant to purchase keyboards. (Batteries not included)

Sunshine Committee Meeting Notes

Bonnie Jean – getting gifts for Jan.

Friday, February 6 – Dessert Tailgate – everyone bring your favorite dessert (conference room)

Kim – getting gifts for Feb.

April 21st – Luncheon Tailgate (sign-up by grade level for food) Sunshine Committee will provide paper products

April 22nd – Administrative Professionals Day – about $20 each

Kim – getting gifts

May – Brian’s birthday

Sharon Belk (Collins) – got married J December 27th