Food in the Wild

What To Eat When You Are Lost


Depending on the time of the year, there should be many edible plants for you to eat. In order to figure out of the plant is safe or not you should swallow a small amount and see if you get sick. There are many dangerous consequences if you eat the wrong plant, you will have to eat on your own risk.


In order to get tons of protein and fat, which is essential when you are stranted, you must find the right bugs and insects to eat. You can roll a log over and chow down on some termites. Another option is to dig in the mud for worms, they also have protein raw or uncooked. You can also eat a cricket, but only if you can catch it! There are more than 1,400 different edible insects in the United States, its whether or not you want to eat them
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You can find freshwater shrimp floating around in algea or at the bottom of a lake or pond in the mud. Crayfish are similar to marine lobsters and crabs. You can locate them in the daytime by looking under and around rocks in streams. You can also find them by looking in the soft mud. To set a trap for these small critters you can take a net like item and just scoop them out of the water.
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