Russian and the Eurasian

by Benton Chinn

Huge Landmass

Russia is the largest country in the world. Its land stretches about 6,000 miles. There is a mountain that separates lands in Russia, these are the URAL MOUNTAINS. In Russia most of the land is made up of plains and large areas of ground. There are a lot of STEPPES in Russia that help people grow food. Most people are on the west side of the Ural Mountains because it has plains.

Building the Railroad

In 1891 they started making the railroad. The weather was hard to work in or TERRAIN. When they were making the railroad they had to go through lakes and rivers while making it. There were a lot of people that got ENLISTED or got picked to work on the railroad. The railroad was built because not many people had a car and people needed a way to get across town. The TRANS-SIBERIAN RAILROAD was named the longest railroad ever. It goes on for about 6,000 miles.

Energy Resources

Russia has a lot of resources in it and they are very helpful. There are some NONRENEWABLE FOSSIL FUELS that they can only use once and then they got to wait a really long time to get it back. Then they also have PEAT which is like coal because they both burn. There are also some rivers that have HYDROELECTRIC POWER which the water off the river helps the plants grow. About 20% of the world’s resources are Iron Ore.