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Finishing strong!

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Dyslexia: The World the Way I See It (award-winning documentary)

Last Professional Development Day

May 6th

8L30 to 3:30



We will spend sometime celebrating our graduates and teachers who are retiring. I will bring the cake you can bring the snacks, fruits, drinks, etc.

Camille Belknap and her Language Science Class

A Day in Language Science


Digital Goals: Feb 11 to may 6

Fish bowl groups will select one article about dyslexia in EDMODO. The articles are either on the links below or saved on the folders tab.

With your fishbowl team decide on an article from the Folder or links.

Read it between now and May 6
Discuss the following:

Name of the article
Something that I earned....
How can I use the information learned to support my students in the Dyslexia/ RTI services...

Seven Strategies to Teach Students Text Comprehension:

Engaging Students with Poverty in Mind DVD Series
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Summer Professional Learning

Registration Opens May 1st

You need two November Trade days and one August Trade Days


Bookshare June 15

Learning Ally June 16

Elementary Digging Deeper I station June 23

Secondary Digging Deeper July 20

Learning Ally July 21

Bookshare July 22


Digging Deeper I Station Aug. 14

Celebrate Birthdays!

Shelley Carr- May

Angela Parker-May

Lakshmi Valdes-May

Dalia Ruiz-May

Lanae Shuler -June

Tabatha Kirby-June

Lisa Godfrey -June

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4th 9 weeks Report Due

June 4th

  • Remember to complete both the combined report and the regular report.

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