Conquered labyrinth and Minotaur

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Accomplished the labyrinth with the help of Ariadne and had killed the Minotaur that was trapped within the maze


  • Minotaur's head
  • labyrinth
  • A club or sword
  • His Sandals
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Character Traits

Theseus is

  • Wise
  • Brave
  • Loyal


  • Parents: Aethra, Aegeus
  • Wife: Phaedra
  • Children: Demophon, Acamas


  • Brave
  • Knows how to outsmart enemies
  • Knows the right people that could help him with his tasks


  • Likes danger too much
  • Easily convinced
  • Thinks to highly of himself

Interesting Facts

  • Theseus stepmother Medea tried poison him
  • Aegeus left Theseus his sword and sandals underneath a large bolder
  • Conquered labyrinth and killed minotaur
  • Theseus cursed and killed Hippolytus because Theseus's wife phaedra sent Theseus a letter stating that Hippolytus had sexually assaulted phaedra
  • Hercules had to go to the underworld to save Theseus because Hades had put him in the chair of forgetfulness
  • Ariadne helped Theseus to go through the labyrinth

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