University of Virginia Rape Case

By: Kasey Rodriguez

What happened?

Basically there was a rape at the university of Virginia when a guy at a fraternity decided to ask a goody too shoe girl out on a date. This girl did not drink do drugs or anything associating with bad things. She went on this date where he ended up taking her to his fraternity party. She was trying to impress him so had a bit to drink. He then thought it was too noisy downstairs so he took her upstairs where it was "quieter". They went upstairs into a room where there was about 5-7 more guys who pinned her arms and legs down. Her date was the head of the fraternity and ordered these other guys to do things to her. She was gang raped, punched in the face, and one of the guys shoved a bottle in her private area.

What she did after.

That night she called her 3 friends and 2 out of the 3 thought it was a terrible idea for her to report this and tell somebody. They said it would ruin her reputation and the reputation of the school. The person that she reported it to on campus was basically blowing her off. They were more worried about the reputation than they were about her. Her friends thought it was just a joke she needed to get over.

She was scared and didn't know how to react, she was afraid to leave her dorm, come home late, and scared to attend any classes she had with the guys who raped her.

Societal Problems

Society now faces the with caring too much about reputation. They're afraid that if something big like this happens they will not be interested in going with the option of that school, or pharmacy, or office.

Another Societal

People also don't want to be involved in a situation like that because they're afraid that they will be seen differently even if it wasn't them who it happened too.