A Raisin in the Sun Text Analysis

James, Angela, Nikki, Carson


In the play " A Raisin in the Sun" by Lorraine Hansberry, it shows the hardships of a colored family in the 1950's and how the common theme throughout the play is the importance of family. The idea of an attainable American dream is portrayed throughout the play by being able to overcome the prejudice society they live in.

Theme Analysis

The overall theme of the play is the importance of family. There are many examples of this throughout the play. One example is when Mama tells Benetha to never stop loving Walter no matter how many mistakes he makes. In the play it says, "There is always something left to love. And if you ain't learned that, you ain't learn nothing" (Hansberry 145). This quote explains that you should love someone the most when they are down or when they make mistakes. Another example is when Walter decides to move into the new house. In the play it says, "And we have decided to move into our house because my father- my father- he earned it for us brick by brick" (Hansberry 148). Walter decides to move in to the knew house because it would be best for his family. He cares about what his wife and mama want to do.

Conflict- Man vs. Society

The common conflict in the Play "A Raisin in the Sun" is man vs. society. An example of this in when mama bought a house with the insurance money. she Says " Walter Lee- it makes a difference on a man when he can walk on floors that belong to him"( Hansberry 92). But while the family is rejoicing before they move, they get a visit from Mr. Linder who tells them that they are not wanted in the neighborhood and is ready to buy the house so they don't move in. He says "what do you think you are going to gain by moving into neighborhood where you just aren't wanted"(Hansberry 119). This shows man vs. society because during the 1950's where the play takes place, the American society was very prejudice towards black Americans and this example shows how the youngers had to deal with this while they were trying to make their lives better.


Final thoughts

In ending, the play "A Raisin in the Sun" by Lorraine Hansberry shows how the American Dream is attainable. Also, how family is forever and money is just temporary.

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