Come To The Titanic


It was a a afternoon at least 2,223 people was a board and only 706 people out of 2,223 survive. The first class ticket cost 4700 it cost a lot that equal 50000 in tofays economy and each person. April 14 1912 , 11:40 pm Titanic crash to the Ice berg most of the population die. People that was rich most of them men where telling the people that they pay a lot of many if they would let them go to the rescue boat but people wouldn't care about money in that situation. Some people accept they where going to die so they just stay on there bedrooms and wait. Some people fight and then got kill by the movement of the boat. That night the responders of the messagers where receaving messages from other boats close for iceberg alerts but know the captain didn't care. When the titanic crash the other people where already from a large distance and could't do nothing. Back them it wasn't so good the messaging system anyway because they use something called telegraph that was used to send codes. The captain die because the captain earns responsability in the boat and have to be the last one to live the boat. The men also had peo[ple the last people to live first kids, then mother and grannys, then men and then recruits and last the captain. To build the titanic they hired at least 3000 people. The fourth funnel of smoke wasn't true only 3 work the fourth was for good looking. The cost to buil the RMS of the titanic was 7.5 million and RMS stands for Royal Mail Steamer.

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Bio of Captain Smith

Edward John Smith was the captain of the boat called the Titanic that was sunk 101 years ago. Captain Edward John Smith was born on January 27, 1850 in Hanley, Staffordshire, England. Captain Smith didn't studied he stopped going to school when he was 12 years old. He went to the navy and that was when he first learned how to sail a boat. He was called at White star line when he was 17 that was a company of big boats. From years he had ride a lot of ships and he had already learned perfectly to ride ships. When he was told that the titanic was going to be build he imidietly start to prepare. The titanic was build in Belfast, Ireland in 1903 it took 3 years to build it and it cost 7500000 to build it. Captain Smith wasn't even worried he was happy to ride the world biggest boat in the world in that time. Captain in april 12 1912 the titanic was sunk the captain smith had to sink with the boat because he had responsability with that boat. Captain Smith had family he had his mother that was called Catherine Hancok . Also captains Edward J Smith was aman who like to be famous he like the people to see him.

Stanton Abott was Rhoda Abott husband until they died in 1912 april 12. Rhoda Abott bought the tickets of the titanic in 1911 she was one of the survivers with her two sons. She was born in Rhode Island Providence her whole live she was one of the most worker woman in the world. Her sons where named Rossmore and Eugene. When I said she was a worker mom is that she orked as a soldier in the salvation army. Her ticket numbers where C.A 2673, £20 5s). gbhgfhg