Nolasco News Update

Fourth Edition * April/May 2016

Student Reporters for this Edition: Jordan Baluyot & Angelica Duffy

Final Science Unit: Ecosystems

In Ecosystems, students set up terrariums for crickets and isopods. Duckweed, algae, Elodea, guppies, and snails are introduced to an aquarium. Connecting the two habitats to create an “ecocolumn,” students observe the relationship between the two environments and the organisms living within them. Students simulate the effects of pollutants—road salt, fertilizer, and acid rain—on the environment. To discover how pollutants might affect the organisms in their ecocolumn, students create a food chain and make inferences about the effects of pollutants based on the relationships between the organisms in their ecocolumns. Students explore the Chesapeake Bay as a model ecosystem, analyzing the environmental problems present there from various perspectives. Applying their knowledge of ecosystems to a real-world situation, students generate possible solutions to the pollution problem and share their conclusions with the class. This activity enables students to appreciate the trade-offs necessary to reach mutually acceptable solutions to environmental problems.

Earth Week 2016

Monday: Sign Earth Day Pledge

Tuesday: Bring Eco-Friendly Lunch

Wednesday: Walk to School for less Pollution

Thursday: Earth Day BINGO

Friday: Wear Green

On Friday Our homeroom made Earth Day collages from recycled magazines.

The Green Rangers planted herbs and vegetables in the Lincoln School Garden sponsored by the Lincoln School PTO.

We also read and discussed the book, If Kids Ran the World. Two-time Caldecott Medalists Leo and Diane Dillon show children playfully creating a more generous, peaceful world where everyone shares with others. Kids bring abundant food to the hungry; medicine and cheer to the sick; safe housing, education, and religious tolerance to all; and our planet is treated with care. Forgiveness and generosity are seen as essential, because kids know how to share, and they understand the power of love (Scholastic).

April was National Poetry Month!

Our Language Arts class made Earth Day inspired poems while learning about the different types of poetry such as: Haiku, Free Verse, Acrostic, Quatrain, Couplet, Cinquain, Diamante, and Shape Poem.

How To Change The World (a work in progress) | Kid President

Math Class-Chapter 13 Properties of Triangles and Four-Sided Figures

BIG IDEA: Properties of geometric figures state relationships among angles or sides of the figures. Triangles and four-sided figures have their own special properties

Students will:

  • Learn about classifying triangles.
  • Learn about measuring of angles and of triangles.
  • Learn about triangle inequality.
  • Learn about parallelograms, rhombus, and trapezoid

Field Day

On Field Day conquered multiple obstacles and games. There was circle dodgeball, hurdles, hula hoops, jumprope, ladders, and hopscotch. We had lots of fun for a good cause!

Teacher Appreciation Week

As students of Lincoln School, we are very lucky to have such wonderful teachers and we appreciate all that they do for us on a daily basis! To show our appreciation we wrote letters to some of our favorite teachers and made their days a little brighter when we delivered them! #RandomActsofKindness

What's New in Room #212: Genius Hour Presentations will be starting this week! Stay tuned!

3 Rules for Genius Hour:
  1. You have to RESEARCH something
  2. You have to CREATE something
  3. You have to PRESENT something

Soon we will be presenting our projects to the class, so wish us luck.

"You are a GENIUS and the world needs your contribution!" ~Angela Maiers

Tech Talk: Buncee

buncee® is a whole new way of creating and sharing online and mobile greetings, memories, interests, new finds, business stories and more in a unique, fun and social way. By leveraging the capabilities of online tools and iOS devices, buncee makes it easy for even the most ‘non-technical’ individuals to create and share engaging and interactive multi-media creations that can be shared publicly or privately. With Buncee you can easily create and edit presentations. You can create and share your presentations from anywhere. To learn more click on the link listed above. the possibilities are endless!

Rock Star of the Week (Updated Schedule)

During your assigned week, please bring in your decorated guitar and pictures for the bulletin board (sample is shown).

Donald 5/9

Ryan 5/16

Nead 5/23

Camille 5/30

Tresor 6/6

Tayaan 6/13

Important Dates to Remember:

  • Muffins for Mom/Plant Sale- May 6th
  • Happy Mother's Day- May 8th
  • Big Truck Day-May 7th
  • Family Fun Day- May 20th
  • Junior Olympics- May 27th
  • Memorial Day (School Closed)- May 30th
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