Basic Infomation

Symbol: Zn

Atomic Numberl: 30

Atomic Weight: 65.38

Group: 12

Period: 4

Color: Blueish Pale grey

Classification: Metallic // Metalloid



· Melting point: 692.68

· Boiling Point: 1180

· Density; 7140

· First ionization energy: 906.4

· Shell Structure is:


Time To Zap Up The Zinc History

Before it was found as an element it was used for making brass

And metallic zinc was even produced in the 13th century

  • Zinc was found Andreas Marggraf In 1746 In Germany

William Champion made zinc industry in England when it was first discovered


Zinc is used for many things.

One of the main things it is used for is sunscreen and Cold relief.

  • Zinc helps you from getting a sunburn!
  • And also has alot of Vitimins so Its good when you need to prevent colds and help them go away.

You need It!

If you have Zinc deficincy that it could stunt your growth.

You also need it for reproduction and sexual maturation.


If you dont have enpough of it you can take Zinc Vitimins!

--Where Is it Found--

Zinc is found in a protien hormone insulin

You can also find it in vitamins.


Zinc is never found as Free metal


it is commonly used


America And Australia has the most zinc out of

all the countries